Text Box: Shown here is a small selection of garages from the Hanson range. The range is too large to show all of the possibilities but you can download the full Hanson Brochure by clicking the tab to the right hand side.
Prices include delivery and erection. You will appreciate that the costs will vary according to your location in the country. Please click on the ‘Prices’ tab to see the price list.
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We are the cheapest suppliers of Garages that you will find. We are open 7 days a week from 8am ‘till 10pm.

Call Alan on 01302 876705

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Text Box: Call Alan on 01302 876705 
Or mobile 07710 610731 
anytime from 8am till 10pm.
Or e-mail us at alan@garages-direct.co.uk
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Text Box: A new concept for Garages and Home Offices. A metal clad building with good insulation. Most  concrete garages can be cold and, without insulation can be quite damp. This range of garages can provide good insulation such that they can be used as Home Offices or similar. There are three choices, with the top  product providing 40mm of first class insulation. Please see the specifications.
Text Box:  Above we show just a small selection of the  possible uses for the Shannette building. Garage, Home Office, Showroom for your collection of Classic Cars, Valetting Bay, Please see the next page for more detail of the build and insulation of these buildings, along with a few more ideas for use.