5 benefits of working out of a workshop

Concrete workshop in a garden with a wooden door

Okay, so I know not everyone will have a workshop but after reading this blog I’m sure you’ll want one.

Did you know that the efficiency of DIY projects increases by over 36% when worked on in a workshop?

Over the course of this blog, we’ll look to explain the 5 amazing benefits of working in a workshop.

Organising Tools Has Never Been Easier

We’ve all been there haven’t? Tools scattered around everywhere not having a clue where anything is or belongs. Well, have no fear the workshop is here. Cringey phrase aside a workshop is a really beneficial asset to any home especially if you love your DIY. A workshop allows you to organise your tools and keep them organised.

Organising your tools however you like is up to you but I thought I’d share some tips with you.

I’ve found the most beneficial way to organise my tools and materials is to label them. Not only do I label them but for my tools such as hammers and spanners, I have an MDF board with chalk marks around my tools.

How does this help I hear you ask?

Marking out where tools need to be allows me to see what tools are missing off of my board but also where to put them back after using them. As I don’t own a chest of drawers for my tools I find this way to be an efficient way of organising my tools.

Of course, if you own a chest of drawers, you’ll have a much easier time organising your tools as you can simply just label the drawers.

Tools and materials are protected from the harsh conditions of the English weather

If you’ve been living in England long enough you know how much the English weather changes on a daily basis. This inconsistency can easily lead to things corroding and warping. Although metallic tools such as spanners are becoming more and more resistant to such conditions you need to think about electrical equipment and wooden tools such as hammers, hatchets, power drill, mitre saw etc.

A workshop, in particular, a concrete workshop, allows you to keep your tools safe by providing a weatherproof, windproof storage facility. Even if your tools don’t get affected by the weather outside you’d need to consider materials.

If you kept materials such as wood outside then they’d potentially crack, split, get damaged or in the worse case scenario, rot.

Having a place to store these materials is vital in preserving the lifespan of them. A concrete workshop helps to provide the materials with the shelter they need.

Protection from thieves

Being able to store your tools and materials in a safe, secure workshop helps to prevent thieves from gaining easy access to them. Although leaving the odd spade out isn’t going to put you back £100s it’s the electrical equipment that needs to be kept safe and secure. Our workshops are already secure straight off the bat but there are more security measures that you can put in place.

For instance, CCTV is a great addition to keeping your home secure. The camera alone is enough to deter a potential thief but there are other safety measures. A few include steel bars, finger scan locks, reinforced doors etc. However, this can be too overboard and sometimes encourage thieves as it looks like there is something valuable in your workshop.

The best bet, in my opinion, is to just keep it simple with a trusty CCTV system.

Less clutter around your home and garden

Before I got my workshop, my conservatory and kitchen were an absolute minefield to navigate. My drills, spanners and other equipment were scattered around everywhere and that didn’t go down well as you can imagine.

Having my own workshop allows me to safely store my tools and keep them out of harm’s way. Being able to store my tools away from the busy areas of the house help to stop me and the rest of the family from tripping over cables.

It’s almost therapeutic

For me, there’s nothing I love more than working on a project in my workshop. I can work in silence and just enjoy working on what I’m working on. There’s no interruptions, no distractions and honestly, it’s great.

A workshop is your own private place and it’s somewhere you can go to escape any thoughts or problems.

Not only this but it’s safer to work on projects in your workshop than it is in a house. You don’t have kids running around you or people constantly walking past you and nudging you.

What next?

Unfortunately, that’s all we have time for in this blog. We hope you’ve enjoyed our latest blog and if you have be sure to leave us a like.

What was your favourite part? Be sure to let us know down in the comments below.

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