Increased storage for unneeded goods

You’ve undoubtedly heard that garages can increase the value of your property, right?

However, were you aware that – according to Nationwide – the increase could be as much as 11%?

Below, we’ll take a look at just exactly how garages do this.


Garages give you that extra storage you’ve been lacking

If you’re anything like me you struggle for storage at home which can be a real hassle. Equipment, especially garden tools, can get left in unwanted places and clutter your garden and home up.

In steps the apex garage. An apex garage helps to give you that much needed space that you’ve been missing. An apex garage sits at the side or bottom of your home and can be sized to meet your requirements. However, if you want a more seamless transition into a garage you can choose a lean to garage which actually connects to your house.


But how exactly does this increase my properties value?

Adding a garage to your property increases the space available to store things which is a big selling point for home owners. If you have a garage you can bet people are willing to pay more for this extra space.

In comparison to a home extension a garage is a much better, cost-effective solution to adding not only extra storage but also value to your property. If you’re wanting to increase the amount of bidders, you get on your property you definitely need to consider having a garage fitted.

In fact, some buyers completely bypass properties that don’t have this extra storage space.

But wait, there’s more.


Garages are perfect at protecting your vehicles and prized possessions

Our apex garage walls are reinforced with steel bars for maximum durability and strength. This means that they’re ideal for protecting your possessions, from cars and other vehicles to garden equipment such as lawnmowers and strimmers. A well-constructed, durable garage can prevent a wide range of misfortunes from occurring including vandalism, theft, and even weather damage.

For instance, if you have a reasonable size garden you’re going to need a lot of equipment to upkeep it. Having a garage means you have a safe place to store your equipment. Not only do our concrete garages ensure that your equipment is safe from the weather it also means thieves have a harder time stealing them.


Parking nightmares are a thing of the past

If you have more than one car and you only have a driveway sometimes you can struggle to fit your cars on there. What this often results in is you parking on the street which isn’t an ideal place to park. Parking on the street increases the chance of your car being vandalised or stolen.

Having a garage allows you to fit more cars onto your property thus reducing the chance of damage or theft.


Adds that extra something to the look of your house

Garages can help to give you that extra something when it comes to the aesthetics of a house. Sometimes a house can look pretty lonely without a garage. Too much space between you and your neighbour sometimes isolates your house which can dampen the overall feel of it.

A garage helps to give your house a friendly little neighbour and make them feel less lonely. Our garages can be bespoke fit to your home so they fit perfectly onto your property.


Mo’ bedrooms? No problem

If you’re buying a family home bedrooms aren’t generally issue but if you buy a small house you may need an extra bedroom whether that’s for guests or for children.

Concrete garages are the perfect conversion for bedrooms as they have plenty of space and are well insulated against the weather. The only major conversion you’d need to make is to remove the up and over garage door and fill the entrance in with brick. Having an up and over garage door wouldn’t retain the heat as well as a wall so it would be worth boarding it up.



How does converting my garage into an extra bedroom increase the value of my property?

Well, did you know that the difference between a 2 bedroom house and a 3 bedroom house is a 156% increase? Imagine that for a second, a 156% increase by converting a garage into a bedroom. A garage seems worth it now doesn’t it?


So much space for activities

Whilst most people think of a garage as a place to store vehicles or possessions, they can also be incredibly useful for extra space. Whether this is to use as a workshop area, a home gym, to repair vehicles, or even as a relaxing retreat when you need some alone time. There are many people who utilise a garage as the perfect space to operate businesses from home, away from the hustle and bustle of a potentially noisy household. The versatility of a garage makes it a wonderful addition to a property and instantly increases the saleability of it.

Even if you don’t plan on selling your property immediately, a garage should definitely be an investment to consider making. As outlined above, there are many potential uses of a garage. The addition of an apex garage will definitely positively influence the value of your property in the long term, and can serve numerous purposes to you in the short-term.



Hopefully, this has shed a little light on the benefits that an apex garage can have to the value of your property! If you enjoyed the blog, let us know by leaving a like or a comment – we’d love to know your thoughts.


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